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Poster Albatross_3julho_Pico.jpg

Technical sheet: Albatross, by Chris Jordan. USA, 2017. 97 '. Original version with Portuguese subtitles.


Synopsis: Photographer Chris Jordan spent eight years recording the life of albatrosses on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean. And he discovered a terrible reality: birds mistake marine plastic for food, and end up ingesting and feeding their young with so much marine waste that they suffocate to death. After a short time in water, the marine plastic is covered with a biofilm of microorganisms that give the plastic an odor similar to food. Seabirds have a superb olfactory capacity and it is often through their sense of smell that they find their prey. For them it is practically impossible to distinguish marine plastic from food. Marine litter originates in several parts of the world and is concentrated in its feeding places by means of sea currents.

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