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Photography Exhibition

This exhibition arose as a result of the first annual "Seabirds of the Azores" photography contest held in 2021 and launched to celebrate the first anniversary of Asas do Mar (IOMA) – an NGO established in 2020 to protect seabirds of the central Atlantic Ocean and their habitats while inspiring people to appreciate and preserve their connection to nature.

Thirty-six images were received from 10 participants residing in the Azores, mainland Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The winning images were selected by three judges, each highly familiar with seabird photography and its challenges.


This exhibition showcased the works of the winners and finalists of the contest along with a photograph taken by each judge.


The exhibition was held at the Museum of Horta, Faial Island, and at Porto da Madalena as part of the Azores Birdwatching Arts Festival on Pico Island.

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