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Kindness can kill

Found a shearwater chick alone, what should i do to help her?

In recent years on the island of São Jorge (Azores), there have been cases in which visitors who travel along the trails and walks of the island remove the shearwater chicks from their nests, thinking they were abandoned by their parents, and deliver them to the Natural Park. Despite the good intentions, this action can put the offspring at risk.

What to do?

If you find a chick and think it may be in danger, please take a photograph, collect the GPS coordinates and inform the Nature Wardens

Please, do not remove the chick from the nest


The "Kindness can kill" campaign is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the negative impacts of misinformed or misdirected "benevolent" actions towards wildlife.

In the first days, the young are accompanied by an adult, but after 8 to 10 days, they are alone in the nest during the day, receiving nocturnal visits from their parents who bring them food.



If you're visiting the Azores between May and September, it's likely that you've already heard their evocative nocturnal calls by the sea.

GNR: 295 412 221

Parque Natural de ilha: 295 403 860

We greatly appreciate your interest and collaboration!

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