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Mission and Goals

Asas do Mar exists to protect seabirds of the central Atlantic and their habitats, while inspiring people to appreciate and preserve their connection to nature.


The primary objectives of the Association are as follows:

a) Contribute to the study and conservation of Azorean seabirds and their habitats;

b) Promote actions that contribute to halting and reversing negative impacts on seabirds, degradation of their habitat and unsustainable use of natural resources while promoting sustainable development, respect for the limits of the planet, equity and social cohesion;

c) Actively develop ‘good practice’ projects for seabird conservation that involve the public, both through our initiatives and in cooperation with other institutions, to assist with local and community development, social economy and the creation of environmental entrepreneurship;

d) Promote environmental citizenship and encourage public participation by raising awareness, training and educating people about seabirds and their habitats;

e) Disseminate scientific knowledge and initiate or collaborate in research projects relevant to the Association’s aims;

f) Collaborate with similar associations, movements or initiatives, whether public or private, in Portugal or abroad, and work alongside national or international federations that share our goals.

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