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Winners of the
3rd Annual International Photo Contest, 2023
“Seabirds of Macaronesia"

Seabirds are one of the most threatened animal groups in the world. This action aims to promote and celebrate these wonderful winged creatures' diversity, ecology and behaviour and inspire their conservation.


The winning images were selected by four international judges: Kirstin Jones, Marc Albiac, Paulo Silva and Bart Vercruysse.

The winning images are:

1. First place (€250): "Shearwater in a calm sea" - Rui Dias Pereira;  

2. Second place (Seabird Guide): "Yellow-legged Gull with Bottlenose Dolphin" - Daniel Cejudo;

3. Third place (ex-aequo; Asas do Mar Membership) & Young Photographer Award (100 €): "Danseuse de ballet" - Maria Margarida Vieira.

4. Third Place (ex-aequo; Asas do Mar Membership): "Great Shearwater Taking Flight" - Ana Mendonça

The following photographs received an Honorable Mention:

  • "The hour of freedom - SOS Campaign" - Catarina Brasil.

  • "Interaction between shearwaters and cetaceans" - Joana Anastácio.

  • "Common Tern looking at a bee" - Tiago Vieira;


The big winner in the members' choice category was Daniel Cejudo again, with his image of a Yellow-legged gull with a bottlenose dolphin.


Congratulations to you all!


Both the jury and Asas do Mar would like to thank the Government of the Azores and all our members for their support!


We would especially like to thank all the participants for their interest in the biodiversity of the Azores and for submitting their images. 


The jury of the 2023 edition of the ASAS DO MAR photo competition "Seabirds of Macaronesia":

Adult category: Kirstin Jones, Paulo Henrique Silva and Bart Vercruysse

Young Photographer Category: Marc Albiac

Primeiro lugar _ First prize - Rui Dias Pereira.JPG
Segundo lugar _ Second prize - Daniel Cejudo.JPG
Premio Jovem Fotógrafo & terceiro lugar (ex-aequo) - Maria Margarida Vieira.JPG
Terceiro lugar_Third Prize (ex-aequo) - Ana Mendonça.jpg
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